Articles written by Beatrice Ballance of Ballance Bodyworks.


Are We Being Played For Fools?

…the Center for Science in the Public Interest says, “The company,, present claims about structure/function to help sell products…

Drowning In Fitness Gobbledygook

That old slang expression gobbledygook, coined in 1944
meaning talk or writing that’s wordy, complicated, unintelligible jargon, is still relevant today.

Reduce Belly Fat With... Crunches?

Doing lots of ab situps and crunches gets rids of belly fat. I am asked this constantly.


Will I Look Like A Bodybuilder?

Catch this! Here’s a question that still drifts around the fitness industry.

Will working out with weights make a woman…

The 1% Solution

Exercise is he master signaling system that tells our cells to grow instead of fade. When we exercise, your muscles let out a steady trickle of chemicals that tell every cell to decay, day after day after day…

How Fast Will You Get Out Of Shape

Often times, over holidays, our daily exercise regime changes. The need to finish up work before the end of the year along with preparations for the holidays has us…

I'm Sorry I Was Hungry!

It begins with a low hunger pang deep within the stomach. Soon lethargy sets in. Some people suffer headaches; others feel…

Common Myths About Your Exercise Program

1. The more out of shape you are, the longer it will take to
see results from your exercise program. Percentage-wise, the greatest gains in fitness come in the first few…

Beatrice Ballance is a Certified Nutritionist, Personal Fitness Trainer, Exercise Instructor and Dance Teacher. Ballance Bodyworks combines dance inspired aerobic exercises weight training, balance and stretch for a variety of workouts.